PWI is counting down the days to GiveBIG, San Diego’s on-line DAY OF GIVING!  In just 24 hours, from midnight to 11:59 pm, every dollar donated to PWI will provide critical services to adults with disabilities through our vocational training programs.  The San Diego Foundation will boost donations through additional incentive pool funds!  Just 24 hours to help 750 adults with disabilities wake up each morning, go to work, earn a paycheck and increase their independence, self-esteem and pride!

PWI Featured in San Diego Business Journal, April 14, 2014

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Your gift helps to support the important mission of PWI – Bringing together businesses and persons with developmental and other disabilities. PWI provides adults with disabilities the quality supports, skills and opportunities necessary to achieve a successful and fulfilling employment future.


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Partnerships With Industry (PWI) is a San Diego-based nonprofit bringing together employers and persons with developmental and other disabilities in win-win partnerships.
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“We have found the management and clients at PWI to be competent and efficient. Their performance has been error-free and of high quality.”
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